ALT: Unikatowe statuetki Złotych Młynków wykonał Arek Pasożyt. Fot. Karolina Kasprzak
The unique Golden Mill statuettes were made by Arek Parasite. Photo: Karolina Kasprzak

Golden Mills Gala behind us

We are very happy that you were with us during the first gala of the Golden Mills, i.e.

Kuyavia-Pomerania Cultural Animation Awards. Those of you who did not have the opportunity can watch the coverage.

As you probably know, by awarding the Golden Mills, we want to honor and recognize individuals or institutions that create or support cultural activities that lead to social change. What is this change? It is, for example, integrating and involving the local community, including groups/people excluded from socio-cultural life or building dialogue and understanding. Honorary Patronage of the Golden Mills was assumed by Elżbieta Piniewska, Chairwoman of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Regional Assembly. During the gala, Elzbieta Piniewska said that what unites the terms mill and culture is change. The mill will change the consistency of the product we will grind, and the culture is to change us, she said.

More than 50 candidates – individuals, entities and teams from all over the province – were submitted for the award. After heated discussions, the chapter composed of: Elżbieta Piniewska – Chairwoman of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Assembly, Iga Jambor-Skupniewicz – Director of the Perspektywa – 9 Hills Festival in Chelmno, Slawomir Czarnecki – Director of the Rothera Mills Science and Culture Center in Bydgoszcz, and Łukasz Wudarski – Director of WOAK – selected the winners and laureates:

Hubert Adamski, who received the award in the category Hope of cultural animation, is the award under the auspices of the Chairwoman of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Regional Assembly. The justification says: …for listening to the needs of young participants, speaking their language, combining seemingly incompatible things and building a new group of cultural consumers in Strzelno.

The Rypin Biogas Plant, which was awarded in the category of Patron of Culture for its financial support of cultural and research activities in the Rypin district and its substantial assistance to the Museum of Dobrinland and its various initiatives.

The team of the Department of Communications and Social Affairs of the Municipality of Inowrocław, consisting of:

Wiesława Wanta-Eich, Aleksandra Błoch, Katarzyna Gregowska, Paweł Kruczykowski, Maciej Eich, Agata Kuczyńska and Ireneusz Gregowski in the Team category for making culture a reason for interpersonal meetings and skillfully listening to the needs of the residents of the Inowrocław Municipality.

Justyna Prajs, who received the Golden Mill Award in the Animator/Animator of the Year category named after Agnieszka Dabrowska. As justified by the Chapter, it is …an award for making people take responsibility for their communities under the influence of cultural activities, gaining courage, able to accept and appreciate their differences seeing them as an opportunity for broader action, and not a reason for exclusion.

In addition to the Golden Mill statuettes, the winners received financial prizes donated by WOAK (Team and Animator/Animator of the Year categories) and by Chairwoman of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship Assembly Elżbieta Piniewska (in the Cultural Animation Hope category). The award for Patron of Culture is only a statuette.

ALT: Hubert Adamski – Nadzieja animacji kultury i wręczająca nagrodę Elżbieta Piniewska, Przewodnicząca Sejmiku Województwa Kujawsko-Pomorskiego. Fot. Karol Zamorski
Hubert Adamski – Hope of Cultural Animation and Elżbieta Piniewska, Chairwoman of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Regional Assembly, who presented the award.
Fot. Karol Zamorski
ALT: Przedstawicielki i przedstawiciele Zespołu roku – Wydziału Komunikacji i Spraw Społecznych Gminy Inowrocław oraz Katarzyna Pągowska, zastępczyni dyrektora WOAK-u, która wręczyła Złoty Młynek w imieniu Igi Jambor-Skupniewicz. Fot. Karol Zamorski
Representatives and representatives of the Team of the Year – Department of Communication and Social Affairs of the Municipality of Inowrocław, and Katarzyna Pągowska, deputy director of WOAK, who presented the Golden Mill on behalf of Iga Jambor-Skupniewicz.
Fot. Karol Zamorski
ALT: Justyna Prajs – Złoty Młynek w kategorii Animatorka Roku i dyrektor WOAK-u Łukasz Wudarski. Fot. Karol Zamorski
Justyna Prajs – Golden Mill in the Animator of the Year category and WOAK director Lukasz Wudarski.
Fot. Karol Zamorski
ALT: Rafał Zglinicki, prezes zarządu Biogazowni Rypin odbiera z rąk Sławomira Czarneckiego nagrodę Złotego Młynka w kategorii Mecenas Kultury. Fot. Karol Zamorski
Rafał Zglinicki, chairman of the board of Rypin Biogas Plant, receives the Golden Mill Award in the category of Patron of Culture from Slawomir Czarnecki.
Fot. Karol Zamorski