ALT: Spektakl Moja pierwsza odyseja kosmiczna. Aktorka w złotym hełmie ukrywa się za gigantyczną poduszką mieniącą się brokatem. Małe dziecko trzymane na rękach przez matkę przygląda się aktorce i wchodzi z nią w interakcję.
Photo: Karolina Kasprzak

Cultural participation research report

Exactly on International Children’s Day, the premiere of ‘My First Space Odyssey’ took place. The play has now been performed almost twenty times. Parents who attended the performances with their children were asked to participate in a survey on the expectations and cultural needs of parents of children aged 0-3.
The survey was conducted and its results compiled by Magdalena Jasińka. We are publishing the research report on the project website. We are convinced that the conclusions presented there will be inspiring for all cultural animators and cultural life organisers.
You will find there, among other things, answers to the questions:

How to encourage parents of children aged 0-3 to participate in culture?

What do parents consider to be the most important elements of a cultural offer?

What elements do they consider the most important in a cultural offer for children aged 0-3?

We encourage you to read the report.

The study took place as part of the project ‘My first space odyssey’ – an activity carried out by the Provincial Centre for Cultural Animation in Toruń in partnership with Elefantteatret from Stravanger/ Norway.

The project is co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.