Na zdjęciu blondwłosa piosenkarka Asia Czajkowska stojąca na scenie i trzymająca w rękach mikrofon

Intensive vocal workshop with Joanna Czajkowska


15-19 kwietnia 2024 | 16:30-20:00


Wojewódzki Ośrodek Animacji Kultury
Toruń, ul. Kościuszki 75-77 | 4. piętro | sala 407

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The vocal workshop is a unique musical encounter, based solely on practice with a minimum of theory – necessary for proper and safe performance of exercises.

It is five days of intensive work, but also playing with the voice. Five days of searching and getting closer to your authentic voice through emission exercises, working with the body and breath, releasing blockages, free improvisation.

The class program includes:

  • daily vocal warm-up
  • exercises to strengthen and relax the voice
  • circle songs
  • multi-voice singing
  • exercises to improve style and sense of rhythm
  • diction, emission, resonance
  • specifics of singing texts in Polish and English
  • improvisation work with the body and breath.

The workshop will be based on group singing, while one day (Wednesday) will be devoted to individual work in the masterclass formula – with the possibility of participation of other participants.

Working in an intimate group allows you to get to know people with the same passion more closely, to expand your repertoire, and above all to develop intensively by stepping firmly (but not forcefully!) out of your comfort zone. We will end the workshop with a small concert by the participants.

For whom.

People over 15 years old (no upper age limit) who want to develop their vocal skills.


April 15-19, from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm


PLN 320 if you buy a ticket on or before April 3, 2024

PLN 360 if you buy a ticket from April 4, 2024 onward

Number of seats limited.

The workshop will be conducted for you by Asia Czajkowska – singer, songwriter, voice enthusiast, vocal coach, philologist, linguist with over 20 years of experience on stage and 15 years of teaching. She has received scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as from her hometown of Toruń. Winner of the 40th International Meeting of Jazz Vocalists in Zamosc.

In terms of performance, she is not intimidated by any genre or style of music (except maybe disco polo), she sings and white voice, and classically, from poetic song, through musical and Hasidic songs, to rock, while jazz, soul and blues are closest to her heart.

She organized and co-led the 4th edition of gospel workshops with the charismatic Jnr Robinson.

She has completed numerous courses and workshops for both vocalists and vocal coaches, as well as a number of one-on-one lessons, where she learned from some of the greatest authorities in singing, interpretation, improvisation, vocal emission and speech therapy – to name a few: Kim Chandler, Mirabai Daniels, Anna Gadt, Sissy Handler, Grzegorz Karnas, Sibel Kose, Sonia Lachowolska, Kevin Mahogany (RIP), Ewelina Mendala-Kwoczek, Wojciech Myrczek, Hubert Noe, Dominika Płonka, Barbara Sambor, Roger Treece, Ingo Titze, Daniel Zangger Borch and many others. He is constantly updating his knowledge and never stops searching for.